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Discover the Power in You, LLC, offers Stress Management, Personal Coaching, Consulting and Training for clients seeking individual help with their own individual Stress Management or for their children.  Coaching may take place in various modalities, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy, (NLP) or Neuro- Linguistic Programming, Time Line Emotional Release Techniques and Guided Imagery.  


Stress Management will assist over-burdened youth and adults.  Personal coaching sessions may also assist in changing unwanted behaviors, habit control, smoking cessation, weight management, goal achievement, sports performance, performing confidence, test taking anxiety, stress relief, general self esteem, self improvement and fear release techniques.  Group classes and seminars are also available for training in these techniques for personal growth and developmental success--as well as online webinars or personal Skype sessions. 

To schedule your next personal consulting session, email: 

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