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Discover the Power in You!

Analee Wiser Brown is a professional composer, recording artist and entertainer whose credits range from television to radio to stage work. She has performed for audiences all over the world. Analee is also a seasoned educator and stress management consultant for over 30 years, having received degrees in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Music, Stress Management & Life Coach Certification and more. Analee is conscious of the need for children to learn self acceptance, while developing positive characteristics to become productive contributors in society. Her music, writing and therapeutic teaching tools have been enjoyed by children and adults of all ages--while stimulating a positive outcome in behavior.

Discover the Power in You, LLC, is founded and developed by Analee Wiser Brown, who understands the need for implementing stress reduction in the current world. Her skills as a stress management coach have helped to build the power of the mind in children, adolescents and adults. Music and literature can be a powerful tool to enable you to learn and grow in a positive way. Since positive thoughts lead to positive behavior, feeding your mind with uplifting music, stories and productive thought processes, can turn you into a more creative and worthwhile You! Analee's music, stories, stress management processes and lesson plans are designed to feed the minds of children, youth, parents and teachers--using positive suggestions that will enhance learning and creativity, while promoting positive behavior.

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